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Let\'s take a look at our center, which has played a major role in Turkey\'s journey to becoming a global leader in hair transplantation over the past 20 years. health tourism center, which is not afraid to be at the forefront of innovation in the world of aesthetics and hair transplantation in Turkey, initially proved itself in the field of hair transplantation. 

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Our Mission

In the following years, we quickly developed in the fields of medical and plastic surgery as well. We started our services in 2002, primarily focusing on hair transplantation, but we have since become known for our technological investments in plastic surgery and medical aesthetics as well. We take pride in offering a friendly and attentive service from the moment we greet our patients. Finding the healthiest way to help you achieve the appearance you desire and the dreams you have is what we do best. 

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About Our Center

Therefore, our center aims to achieve the best results and the most comfortable recovery possible for our patients every day. We believe that we must constantly renew ourselves to serve all patients who require innovation. This is why we have been offering the Selenium supplement, which is the only application center in Turkey, to our patients for years. Currently, we are preparing to create a revolutionary effect in hair transplantation once again with the Human Eye Project, which is only available at our center. With this project, which we call the \"hair map,\" we will create a new era in Turkey\'s hair transplantation history. We are expanding our services by adding dental aesthetics to our already existing hair transplantation, plastic surgery, and medical aesthetic procedures. While we bring our patients the highest quality service in Istanbul, Ankara, and the Netherlands, we owe a great deal to our patients for the unique experiences we gain from them.

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