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Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure aimed at enhancing the size and shape of a woman's breasts. This procedure can improve a woman's self-confidence and overall sense of femininity by creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance. With breast augmentation, women have the opportunity to feel more beautiful and confident in their own skin, which can have a positive impact on their daily lives. During the procedure, an implant is placed either behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle to add volume and improve the shape of the breast. With advances in technology and surgical techniques, the results of breast augmentation can look natural and provide women with the youthful, feminine look they desire.  

Operation Summary

Breast augmentation is a highly customizable procedure, and there are a variety of surgical methods available to women seeking to enhance their breasts. Each method has its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks, and it is important for women to discuss their options with their surgeon to determine which approach is best suited for their individual needs. One popular method is the placement of implants through an incision made in the fold under the breast. This approach is ideal for women seeking to increase the fullness and projection of their breasts. Another popular method is placement through the armpit, which can result in minimal scarring and a more natural look. There is also the option of placement through the nipple, which can be particularly useful for women who have limited natural tissue to cover the implant. In addition, there is the option of placing the implant partially above the muscle and partially beneath it, which can provide a more natural look and feel.  

Breast augmentation is a popular and effective way for women to enhance the size and shape of their breasts and improve their overall sense of femininity. There are several advantages to this procedure, including: • Improved Self-Confidence: Breast augmentation can improve a woman's self-confidence and overall sense of beauty, allowing her to feel more confident and attractive in her own skin. • Customizable Results: With advances in technology and surgical techniques, breast augmentation can be customized to meet the individual needs and goals of each patient. This allows women to achieve the look they desire and feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. • Minimal Scarring: With modern surgical techniques, the incisions used in breast augmentation can be made in discreet locations and result in minimal scarring. • Natural Look and Feel: With the right combination of expertise, experience, and attention to detail, breast augmentation can result in a natural look and feel, allowing women to achieve the beautiful, feminine look they desire. • Safe and Effective Procedure: Breast augmentation is a safe and effective procedure when performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon. With proper care and attention, women can achieve the beautiful, feminine look they desire with minimal discomfort and a smooth recovery.  

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery is an important step in ensuring a successful outcome and a smooth recovery. Some of the key steps in preparing for this procedure include: Set Realistic Expectations: Breast augmentation is a highly effective procedure, but it is important to have realistic expectations about what it can and cannot do. Patients should discuss their goals and expectations with their surgeon, and should be honest about their motivations for undergoing the procedure. Stop Certain Medications: Certain medications, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs, can increase the risk of bleeding and should be discontinued several weeks before surgery. Patients should discuss their medication regimen with their surgeon and follow their instructions carefully. Quit Smoking: Smoking can impede healing and increase the risk of complications, so patients should quit smoking at least several weeks prior to surgery. Follow Pre-Operative Instructions: Patients should follow all of their surgeon's pre-operative instructions carefully, including any instructions on fasting, avoiding certain foods or drinks, and arranging for someone to drive them home after the procedure.  

The recovery process after breast augmentation surgery is an important part of the overall experience, and it is critical for ensuring a successful outcome and long-lasting results. Some of the key aspects of the recovery process include: Pain Management: Breast augmentation is typically performed under general anesthesia or sedation, and patients may experience some discomfort and pain following the procedure. Pain management is an important part of the recovery process, and patients should discuss their options with their surgeon and follow their instructions carefully. Rest and Relaxation: Following breast augmentation, patients should get plenty of rest and avoid strenuous activity, such as heavy lifting, for several weeks. They should also avoid sleeping on their stomach and should follow their surgeon's instructions on sleeping and movement. Wearing a Support Garment: Patients may be required to wear a support garment, such as a bra, to help support the incisions and minimize swelling. They should follow their surgeon's instructions on when and how to wear this garment. Follow-Up Visits: Patients should attend all of their follow-up visits with their surgeon, who will monitor their progress and address any questions or concerns. Avoiding Certain Activities: Patients should avoid certain activities, such as swimming or soaking in a bathtub, for several weeks following surgery. They should also avoid exposing their incisions to the sun or to other sources of UV radiation.  

Breast Augmentation Surgery Before the Surgery

Before the Surgery

Before the procedure, patients will have a consultation with the surgeon to discuss their goals and expectations, as well as review their medical history and perform any necessary medical tests and checks. During this time, the surgeon will also carefully plan the procedure to ensure the best possible outcome. Patients will be provided with detailed instructions on how to prepare for the surgery, including information on what to eat, drink, and avoid, as well as any medications they may need to take.

Breast Augmentation Surgery During the Surgery

During the Surgery

The breast augmentation procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a safe and controlled environment. The surgery typically takes several hours, during which time the surgeon will carefully make incisions, insert the implants, and position them to achieve the desired results.

Breast Augmentation Surgery After the Surgery

After the Surgery

After the procedure, patients will be asked to rest and recover for a few days at the hospital under the care of our team of doctors and nurses. They will be provided with pain management medications and other necessary treatments to ensure a smooth and comfortable recovery. Over the next few weeks, patients will need to avoid any strenuous activities and follow a careful postoperative regimen to ensure optimal healing and recovery.


Breast Augmentation With Prosthesis
Breast Augmentation With Fat Injection
Teknik Özellikler
Can The Prosthesis Be Used For Life?
Has a Lifetime WarrantyNo Prosthesis İs Used
Can I Breastfeed?
Will it Look Smooth?
Gains a Natural And Shaped AppearanceDeformation Probability İs Very High
Does it Offer a Permanent Solution?
Is Scarless Surgery Possible?
Speed Of Return To Social Life
1 Day1 Day
Corset Usage Period
3-4 WeeksBetween 4-6 Weeks

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Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast Augmentation Surgery


  • Is It Possible to Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
    It may be possible to breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery, but this will depend on various factors, including the type of incision used and the location of the implants. Some women experience a decrease in milk production following breast augmentation, while others are able to breastfeed normally. It is best to discuss the possibility of breastfeeding with your surgeon prior to undergoing the procedure. Ask with whatsapp
  • Is There Any Scar After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
    Yes, there will be incisions following breast augmentation surgery, which may result in scars. The type and location of the incisions will depend on the type of implant and the surgeon's preference. Incisions can be made in the armpit, around the areola, or in the crease below the breast. With proper care, most incisions will heal well and fade over time, becoming less noticeable. Ask with whatsapp
  • What is the Best Time for Breast Augmentation Surgery?
    The best time for breast augmentation surgery will depend on various factors, including your personal goals, lifestyle, and health. Some women choose to undergo the procedure in their late teens or early twenties, while others wait until later in life. It is important to discuss your goals and timing with your surgeon, who can help you determine the best time for your individual needs. Ask with whatsapp
  • Will My Breasts Become Sensitive After Breast Augmentation Surgery?
    Sensitivity in the breasts following breast augmentation surgery is a common concern for many women. Some women experience a temporary decrease in sensation, while others report no changes at all. The level of sensitivity will depend on various factors, including the type of implant and the location of the incisions. Ask with whatsapp
  • How Long Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Take?
    The length of time required for breast augmentation surgery will depend on various factors, including the type of implant, the location of the incisions, and the surgeon's technique. On average, the procedure takes 1 to 2 hours to complete, and patients will typically be able to return home the same day. It is important to discuss the length of your procedure and recovery with your surgeon, who can provide a more detailed estimate based on your individual needs. Ask with whatsapp




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